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Infectious Disease

AbsoluteCARE’s Board Certified Infectious Disease physicians are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art, compassionate, quality care to all patients. Our providers treat all infectious diseases, whether common or obscure, and have extensive experience with tropical infectious diseases as well.

Our Practice

Our Practice

AbsoluteCARE provides infectious disease care to adolescents (16 years and older) and adult patients. We offer a comprehensive patient-centered approach to care that we feel is essential to providing quality healthcare. Our Board Certified Infectious Disease and HIV Care providers are dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate, quality care to all patients.

Our expert staff provides consultation and treatment for infectious diseases including HIV and tropical diseases. We are a team that is committed to providing the highest level of care to patients and we look forward to working with you. 

Hospital Care

The philosophy of the patient centered medical home is that the patient remains in the middle of all care provided. We feel that it is crucial that at the point the patient requires hospitalization that the staff of AbsoluteCARE remains active providing continuity of care.

Hospitalization is when the patient is most vulnerable. Having the AbsoluteCARE team maintain control and coordination with other consultants is critical to providing excellent care and helps to reduce anxiety of the patient and loved ones. In this day and age hospitals usually provide care when the patient is most needy. AbsoluteCARE breaks that mold and stands by our patients through the hospitalization.

Our physicians provide inpatient care at Piedmont Hospital and Atlanta Medical Center, both very respected and excellent centers of inpatient medical care in Atlanta.

Education Resources

AbsoluteCARE believes education of the patient is critical in helping them understand their illnesses and how to treat and live successfully with them.

Full-time nurse educators and other staff help accomplish this at AbsoluteCARE. Classes on nutrition, diabetes, weight loss, weight gain, healthy cooking, and grocery store tours are provided by our nutrition services department.

A monthly lunch & learn and dinner symposium using guest speakers provide education as well as outreach to the community. An educated and well-informed patient is our goal.

Support Groups

Peer support is crucial in helping our patients learn to live successfully with HIV. There are multiple support groups at AbsoluteCARE that help to accomplish this goal. "Crafty Ladies" is an arts & crafts based support group for women over 50.

"Forty Forward" is a social based group for men over 40 that provides group therapy as well as a social outlet.

We sponsor a meditation group as well as traditional support groups based on group dynamics. We are continually looking to expand our menu of support.


The Centers for Disease Control reports that up to 25% of the 1.2 million people living with HIV do not know they are positive. Locally as many as 50% of the people who know they are HIV positive are not being seen for their infection.

Educating the public about risk, getting people tested for HIV, connecting HIV positive patients to care and maintaining those patients in care are the goals of a very robust outreach initiative at AbsoluteCARE.

AbsoluteCARE partners with most AIDS service organizations in the Atlanta Metro area and is actively pursuing new collaborations to further our outreach goals.

Examples of these activities have been the strong support AbsoluteCARE has provided to the African-American Outreach Initiative each year, sponsoring meetings of the Female Condom Campaign, providing site, staff and material support for the AID Atlanta Men's STD clinic, working with SiterLove on developing a Women's STD Clinic, participating in over 20 testing events in calendar year 2011, and working side by side in multiple faith based initiatives.

Faced with the challenge of identifying old and new positive patients and connecting them to care, AbsoluteCARE is in the forefront of the response.

Nurse Coach/Educator

AbsoluteCARE provides the benefit of a Nurse Coach/Educator to address your concerns related to specific conditions, prescribed therapies or side effects, or to answer general questions concerning medical care.

Registered Dietitian

Nutrition plays a vital role in managing your health and wellness. All patients at AbsoluteCARE have the opportunity to see the dietitian for an assessment, including a BMI (body mass index) or BIA (body impedance analysis). Whether you want to improve your overall state of health and nutrition or you need assistance managing a more serious condition (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight loss or weight gain), we are here to help.

Group Programs

Our group programs provide a different approach to learning. Group educational programs are routinely offered and include:

  • Diabetes Classes – Learn how to control your diabetes and still enjoy eating.
  • Grocery Store Tours – Take the confusion out of reading product labels and make the most of your money while learning how to make healthy choices.
  • Healthy Cooking Class – Learn new and interesting ways to prepare healthy meals.
  • Lunch & Learn – Gather information on topics of interest with an opportunity to ask questions…all while enjoying lunch.
  • Dinner Symposium – Health-related topics of interest over dinner.
  • Zumba – Enjoy this fast paced and exciting dance and exercise class.
  • Yoga – Enjoy the chance to exercise, relax and improve your health all at once.
  • Art Therapy – Our current class is specifically for women who are HIV infected and offers and opportunity for creative expression and social interaction.
  • Meditation Corner – Guided group meditation provides an opportunity to escape and relax.
  • 40 Forward – A group for MSM over the age of 40 that are interested in personal growth.

*All classes require registration

Infectious Disease News & Events

Infectious Disease - Days of Events


Recent News


AbsoluteCARE mourns the passing of Dr. Ronen Shacham
Posted on June 14, 2017

It is with the deepest sadness that the AbsoluteCARE family mourns the passing of Dr. Ronen Shacham.  Dr Schacham has led the...

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AbsoluteCARE is conveniently located two blocks from Piedmont Hospital, in Atlanta, Georgia. Our facility is newly built and provides a warm and friendly atmosphere while providing patients the latest in medical technology.

Urgent Care

AbsoluteCARE recently launched a partnership with Urgent Care at Peachtree to provide after-hours urgent care within the AbsoluteCARE office. Emergency room doctors will be available from 6:00pm - 11:00pm, 7 days/week. Please consider visiting us for your evening urgent care needs!

Education and Support

Education and support are key components of providing comprehensive care. Our Education and Wellness Center is dedicated to providing innovative programs and services that enhance patient understanding of medical care, support in managing side effects, and demonstrate improved adherence.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care is offered to our patients as a means of improving joint function, eliminating pain, and preventing further injury. A chiropractor uses his or her hands to manipulate the spine into alignment. Chiropractic therapy is used on its own or with other treatments. Chiropractic therapy may be useful in many situations, and patients can assess or be referred to our chiropractor for evaluation. If you are interested to know if chiropractic care may be beneficial to you, please contact our office for a consultation.

AbsoluteCARE partners with Atlanta Spine Center to bring patients this service within the AbsoluteCARE office. To learn more about Atlanta Spine Center, please visit them  at

HIV Screenings

AbsoluteCARE offers free confidential HIV testing* by appointment. Appointments are available daily. Results are available in 20 minutes and only the person that is tested may receive results, which are given at the time of testing. Testing is also provided as part of community events and in conjunction with other organizations.

AbsoluteCARE hosts the AID Atlanta Men’s STD Clinic the 1st and 3rd Wednesday evening (5 pm – 7 pm) of each month. Free STD screenings and treatments are available. The STD Clinic also provides FREE hepatitis vaccinations to men and women. Other dates and sites are available at AID Atlanta. Check the website at:

AID Atlanta STD Clinic is on hiatus at this time.

*All HIV testing includes prevention counseling and resources as needed.

Infusion Services

AbsoluteCARE offers nearly 20 years of infusion therapy expertise. Our facility provides in-office and home infusion therapy services.

Office Infusion:  Our infusion suite provides comfort and convenience to maximize the patient care experience. Patients are invited to utilize personal entertainment centers, enjoy a snack or cup of coffee, or simply relax. 

Home Infusion:  Our experienced and caring team provides one-on-one teaching for patients and their family members when home I.V. therapy is necessary. Patients undergoing home infusion have access to a nurse and provider 24/7; no matter what time of day you may need us, we are here for you.

Financial Considerations:  We enable our patients to avoid costly hospital I.V. treatments by providing intravenous medications and hydration in the office. Our professional nursing team administers therapy while providing that extra TLC, which makes everyone feel better.


Our staff appreciates that accurate and timely laboratory testing is critical to the well-being and health of our patients. Many treatment decisions are based directly on laboratory results. When reliable laboratory results are available, more accurate diagnoses and more efficient treatment becomes available to our patients. This is an important step in helping our patients get well and stay healthy.

We know that lab results are more than just numbers, especially to our patients. This is why our providers work very closely with patients and their families to make sure they understand each detail regarding testing, diagnosis and treatment options.

AbsoluteCARE features an on-site CLIA certified lab and offers state-of-the-art technology. Offering labwork on-site serves several purposes. Our patients do not have to travel to another location for many lab tests; they are done conveniently on-site. Diagnoses can be made more quickly, which means that treatments are often prescribed before our patients leave our office. It is in this way that AbsoluteCARE distinguishes itself from other physician offices.

On-site Laboratory Testing includes:

  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Coagulation
  • Hematology
  • Immunology
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Serology
  • Urinalysis

Our doctors understand that waiting for laboratory results can be extremely stressful, so our office medical staff members work together with laboratory professionals to make sure that all lab tests are taken, results are interpreted and findings delivered to our patients as quickly as possible to try to avoid some of that unhealthy stress.

AbsoluteCARE also serves as a reference laboratory. Our expert team has provided services to the following list of distinguished clients:

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Emory Medical Laboratory
  • Fulton County Health Department
  • Gwinnett Count Health Department
  • University of Georgia

For more information about what our laboratory services offer or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office.


Massage can be utilized in lieu of or in combination with other treatments to relieve stress and pain. Massage has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, if you need or want a massage, you can choose from a range of therapy styles with a wide variety of pressures, movements and techniques. These all involve pressing, rubbing or manipulating muscles and other soft tissues with hands and fingers.

According to an American Massage Therapy Association survey, almost a quarter of all adult Americans had at least one massage in the previous year. While the reasons for doing so may be varied, more people recognize the health benefits of massage. Reasons often include relief from symptoms or to heal injuries, to help with certain health conditions, and to promote overall wellness.

Chaye Wise, CMT, provides the following massage services by appointment at AbsoluteCARE:

  • Therapeutic Relaxation Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Warm Hand Massage
  • Neck Knot Massage

Your overall well-being is our primary concern and thus services are provided at an affordable rate.

Mental Health

It is common for everyone at some point to feel anxious, worried, distressed and sad, but when the feelings are unrelenting and affect a person's everyday functioning, a mental illness may be the culprit. AbsoluteCARE offers specialized options to help patients in getting back on track with life, whether it is through medication, therapy or counseling. Fortunately, many mental illness issues are treatable.

Mental health is how we act, think and feel about things as we cope with life, and it is an indicator of how people relate to others, how we make choices and decisions, and how we handle stress. If you have been sad, depressed or anxious, or had any other similar feelings for an extended period of time, you need to ask yourself if your mood and feelings are severe enough that they interfere with and disrupt your everyday life. If so, you may find that you have difficulty in making or maintaining relationships; you may avoid going out in public or going to work; and eventually you may find it difficult to get out of bed.

Mental issues are common and affect almost 20% of all families in the United States. As part of our comprehensive approach to health care we provide on-site mental health services. While not every issue can be addressed through our program we can deal with most mental health concerns. We maintain a close relationship with other mental health professionals so that in the event that a referral is necessary, coordination of care can be completed with ease.

It is important that you do not wait until your depression, anxiety or other mental disorder becomes severe before you seek help; our doctors are trained and experienced in recognition techniques and along with our Licensed Professional Counselor, Christina Clarke, we can effectively develop a plan of action that is suited to your needs. One of the hardest steps to take when dealing with mental health is recognizing if and when you need professional help. There are many new developments and treatments that our staff may suggest for you.

If you need help with depression, anxiety or other mental health issues, please call our office to schedule an appointment.

Nutrition Assessment & Classes

Nutrition plays an important role in your health and wellness. As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. Our dietician, Alene Albritton, MPH, RD, LD, is not here to simply tell you what you should not eat. It is our goal to assist you in making reasonable choices that will meet your health needs and goals. 

Alene is available by appointment for individual consultation. Consultation includes an assessment of your BMI (body mass index) and a BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis), which measures lean and fat body mass as well as hydration levels. Whether you are simply interested in knowing which vitamin and minerals would be recommended, curious about proper meal planning, or would like information concerning food safety, we are here to answer your questions.

Particular areas in which proper nutrition plays a key role in terms of prevention or disease management include:

  • Weight Loss Weight Gain
  • Diabetes High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure Osteoporosis
  • Cancer Gastrointestinal Conditions
  • Anemia Renal Disease

We also provide group sessions, such as diabetes classes, healthy cooking classes and a walking group. If you are interested in an individual session or a group class, please call our office for more information.

  • Diabetes Education – Share the challenges with others living with diabetes.
  • Grocery Store Tour – Learn how to read labels and better understand ingredients.
  • Healthy Cooking – Learn ways to modify your favorite foods into a healthier version, while learning important cooking tips.
  • Walking Group – Exercise and fresh air with positive encouragement.

Nutrition Classes

Diabetes Education - share the challenges with others living with diabetes.

Grocery Store Tour - learn how to read labels and better understand ingredients.

Healthy Cooking - learn ways to modify your favorite foods into a healthier version, while learning important cooking tips.

Prevention and Wellness

At AbsoluteCARE, we believe that quality health care begins with preventative care and health maintenance. As a premier practice, we know the importance of helping our patients understand that the lifestyle choices they make today really will affect the quality of their lives in the future.

Our staff has made it their mission to share information with patients that will have a positive impact on their future health. In addition to primary care, your AbsoluteCARE physician can offer lifestyle and wellness guidance because we believe that an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure! 

Your visits to our office may entail extended, informative consultations and personalized coaching to help you create positive lifestyle changes, including stress management, smoking cessation, weight loss and much more. A positive lifestyle is directly related to your physical health, and we strive to help our patients by providing the education, tools and support necessary to live a longer, happier and healthier life.

A commitment to wellness and preventative health means making a sound investment in your future well-being; this preventive care will lead to finding issues before they become serious complications that lead to other, more complex conditions. Preventive care includes examinations and screening tests that are tailored to a patient's age, health and family history. For example, a person with a family history of certain diseases would begin screening at an earlier age and/or more frequently for those diseases than those with no family history. 

We know that each patient is unique and AbsoluteCARE treats each individual and his or her specific needs. It is our goal to target your potential concerns earlier, when they are the most easily treated.

To learn more about the preventative health services, please contact our office.


AbsoluteCARE’s radiology services are state certified and ultrasound services are ICAEL certified. Our staff knows that accurate and timely results are important to your well-being and peace of mind. AbsoluteCARE provides services on-site for the convenience of our patients and to allow our providers the ability to make timely treatment recommendations. We know waiting for the answers can be the worst part of going to the doctor and want to do all that we can to lessen that wait when possible.

On-site services include:

Abdominal Aorta Duplex – Aorta duplex ultrasound is a procedure that uses ultrasound to look for an aneurysm in the aorta. The aorta is the main artery in the chest and abdomen; this artery supplies oxygenated blood to the body.

Bone Densitometry – Bone densitometry scanning, also called dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), is an enhanced form of x-ray technology that is used to measure bone loss. DEXA is most often used to diagnose bone loss, and track the effects of treatment for osteopenia, osteoporosis and other conditions that result in bone loss.

Carotid Duplex – Carotid duplex is a procedure that uses ultrasound to look for blood clots, plaque buildup and other blood flow problems in the carotid arteries. The carotid arteries are located in the neck; they supply blood to the brain.

Chest X-ray – A chest x-ray is a radiographic study of the chest, lungs, heart, large arteries, ribs and diaphragm. A chest x-ray is used to diagnose the cause of a persistent cough, chest injury, chest pain or difficulty breathing.

Complete Echocardiogram – An echocardiogram is a test that uses sound waves to create a moving picture of the heart. The picture is much more detailed than a plain x-ray image and involves no radiation exposure.

Ultrasound – Ultrasound involves the use of high-frequency sound waves to create images of organs and systems within the body.


Smoking Cessation

More people than ever before are contemplating their options when it comes to smoking cessation programs. Our staff is here to offer different options that may ultimately result in beating that unhealthy habit for good! 

Sadly, tobacco use is the number one most common preventable cause of death. We know that smoking cessation is important for your health for multiple reasons. About 50% of smokers who do not quit smoking die of smoking-related problems. Our staff knows that quitting is not easy; we are here to help patients break free from the dangers of smoking.

Within hours after you quit, your body's circulation starts to improve and your blood pressure decreases. You may not have noticed a change in your ability to smell and taste, but after you quit you will notice your sense of taste and smell returning. Breathing becomes easier, and with every year that passes that you remain smoke-free, your chance of getting cancer decreases.

Our doctors have a variety of tools, support systems, medications and therapies that may be just what you need. Some people quit smoking cold turkey, while others benefit from step-down programs, counseling, medicines or other products such as a nicotine patch to break their addiction. We can help you find what works for you. Don't give up! A majority of people who have quit smoking or want to quit smoking have tried many, many times before they were finally successful. If you are ready to stop smoking for good or you would like more information, call our office.

Social Work

HIV Medical Social Work services are provided to patients, families and their significant others to meet their psychosocial needs as they affect their medical condition, treatment, recovery and safe transition from one care environment to another.

Our extremely knowledgeable Social Worker Kim Turner, LMSW is available to provide assistance and ensure access to HIV care while improving the quality of life for people infected or affected by HIV.

Our Social Worker provides medical case management, emotional support, practical help and links patients to numerous services available to people living with HIV. By working closely with you to help prioritize your current needs Kim can assist with access to medication, insurance information, referrals to AIDS Service Organizations, assistance completing applications, advocacy and emotional support. With continuous support, individuals move towards self-sufficiency through empowerment and education. Through assessment, planning, referral and monitoring, she'll assist you in developing tools to make your future brighter.

Kim is a link between you and your medical provider; they communicate regularly to ensure the highest quality care is provided to you. 

If you need assistance in understanding and accessing insurance and other health programs Kim can help; from picking a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan that meets your needs to helping you understand your Medicare coverage, AbsoluteCARE is here for you.

Our Social Worker can help you understand COBRA if you are in between jobs, and can help you access the Health Insurance Continuation Program to keep your COBRA coverage.

As a link to AIDS Service Organizations, our Social Worker may be able to provide access to emergency financial assistance; access to emergency financial assistance is limited by eligibility requirements.

Our Social Worker can assist you with information about housing, local homeless shelters, transitional housing and applying for housing through agencies that provide housing opportunities for people with AIDS. They may be able to help link eligible patients with emergency rental assistance in order to prevent eviction.

Often patients need additional information, assistance, and emotional support as they consider the many sensitive issues surrounding Advance Directive decisions. It is important to have all the necessary information in order for you to make an informed decision. Our Social Worker can provide you with education, forms and counseling services referrals as needed.

Optometric Care, including Retinal Scanning & Tonometry